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United Mizrahi Bank (Switzerland) Ltd., Zurich

United Mizrahi Bank (Switzerland) Ltd.

  • Nüschelerstrasse 31
  • 8001 Zurich
  • Phone
  • +41 44 226 86 86
  • Fax
  • +41 44 226 86 87

Bank Profile

United Mizrahi Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. (UMBS) is headquartered in Zurich and s a 100% owned subsidiary of UNITED MIZRAHI OVERSEAS HOLDING CO. BV., Amsterdam.

Since 1980, UMBS has been providing wide range of private banking services to its clients. The bank is registered as a Swiss bank under full Swiss regulatory and legal framework. Switzerland has a long tradition of private banking that is based on its long record of political and economic stability, strong currency, skilled labor force and low unemployment rate. UMBS’ team of multi lingual account officers is well equipped to provide its clients with full range of investment advice and execution services. The Bank’s ‘Open Architecture’ approach enables UMBS to provide its clients with a non biased advice, focusing exclusively on the client’s requirements and goals.

Mizrahi Tefahot Bank Ltd., is incorporated and existing under the laws of the State of Israel and was established as a public company limited by shares on June 6, 1923. In 1963, Mizrahi Tefahot's shares were first traded on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange. Mizrahi Tefahot is Israel's fourth largest bank by assets and offers a complete range of international, commercial, domestic and personal banking services.