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Privatbank IHAG Zürich AG, Zurich

Privatbank IHAG Zürich AG

  • Bleicherweg 18
  • 8022 Zurich
  • Phone
  • +41 44 205 11 11

Bank Profile

Originally established in the sphere of trade and industry, IHAG has changed its profile over time, concentrating more and more on private banking. Whereas the main focus was once on goods and their values, this has now shifted to individuals and their private money matters. And so, it is only logical that we've decided to express this transition in a change of name. In April 2000 the bank was renamed from Industrie- und Handelsbank (IHAG) to Privatbank IHAG Zürich. Symbolizing the new corporate culture.

Privatbank IHAG Zürich is part of a family holding company (IHAG Holding Corp.) which is owned by the founder's family. The group includes a range of businesses reaching from financial services and real estate to hotels and vineyards.