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NBK Private Bank (Switzerland) Ltd, Geneva

NBK Private Bank (Switzerland) Ltd

NBK Private Bank (Switzerland) Ltd

Phone +41 22 906 43 43
Address Quai du Mont Blanc 21 Fax +41 22 906 43 99
City 1211 Geneva Clearing 8385
Internet UID CHE-103.238.774

Bank Profile

NBK Private Bank (Switzerland) Ltd, with headquarters in Geneva, was established in 1984 under the name NBK Finance S.A.

The bank has been domiciled in Geneva for more than twenty years, because Switzerland offers the very backdrop the clients demand: stability, safety, high standards of service and financial expertise.

NBK Private Bank (Switzerland) Ltd made a name for itself as a financial services provider dedicated to skillfully managing assets of high net worth individuals. In 1999, the company was granted the Swiss Banking license and thus became a full-fledged Swiss Bank operating under the name of National Bank of Kuwait (Suisse) S.A. In 2006, the Bank changed its name to NBK Banque Privée (Suisse) S.A to clearly reflect its Swiss identity and exclusive private banking services.