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Banque Thaler SA, Geneva

Banque Thaler SA

Banque Thaler SA

Phone +41 22 707 09 09
Address Rue Pierre Fatio 3 Fax  
City 1204 Geneva Clearing 8737
Internet UID CHE-103.178.391

Bank Profile

Banque Thaler SA with headquarters in Geneva and a branch in Basel was originally a company for asset management founded in 1982 by the descendant of a renowned French family. This company obtained its banking license in 1989 and was taken over in 1997 by the Belgian Cera Group before its merger with Kredietbank in 1998.

The Bank's former name was dropped definitely at the end of the 1990s when it was taken over by a consortium of investors. From then on it would be called `Thaler Bank'. Its further growth was secured and in 2001, the Bank's private investors and directors increased their stake, strengthening the Swiss foothold of the Bank.

This way, Thaler Bank enters into the tradition of Geneva's private banks, which have proved their staying power for over two centuries.