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Banque Eric Sturdza SA, Geneva

Banque Eric Sturdza SA

Banque Eric Sturdza SA

Phone +41 22 317 98 11
Address Rue du Rhône 112 Fax  
City 1211 Geneva 3 Clearing 8388
Internet UID CHE-103.161.203

Bank Profile

Banque Eric Sturdza SA (formerly: Banque Baring Brothers Sturdza SA) has its headquarters in Geneva. Banque Eric Sturdza’s origins date back to 1762. At the time, it was established in the City of London by Francis Baring, it was the oldest and unquestionably one of its most famous merchant banks. As of 1985, its presence in Switzerland was built up under the leadership of E.I. Sturdza who guided the institution’s activity towards a private banking model. In 1995, a major step forward was accomplished when the Dutch ING group, one of Europe’s top financial institutions, and E.I. Sturdza transformed the bank into a respectively 70 % / 30 % partnership. In October 2005, a new thrust to the implementation of our banking philosophy was given when E.I. Sturdza acquired ING’s 70 % stake.

Finally, key people of the bank have been invited to participate in the capital of the bank which has given an additional impetus to the fulfilment of our goals which, in a nutshell, are to operate as an “independent private club”, offering clients a relationship quality based on continuity, trust, performance and the sharing of common values.