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Bank CIC (Switzerland) Ltd., Geneva

Bank CIC (Switzerland) Ltd.

  • Avenue de Champel 29
  • 1211 Geneva 12
  • Phone
  • +41 22 839 35 00

Bank Profile

Bank CIC (Switzerland) Ltd. is headquartered in Basel and has branches in Fribourg, Geneva, Lausanne, Locarno, Lugano, Neuchâtel, Sion and Zurich. The bank has been at the service of its discerning private and business clients since 1909, and is committed to being a reliable partner for comprehensive solutions.

Bank CIC (Switzerland) Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the French financial group Crédit Mutuel-CIC. As a member of this Group, Bank CIC (Switzerland) Ltd. has a stable shareholder base and clear ownership structure, enabling it to operate independently. The Group's international network and global presence also provide ample opportunity for cross-border transactions.